submission call-out for art done in memory of dunn


A few months back, Jeff Tremaine mentioned the possibility of a tribute special being worked on in memory of Ryan Dunn for MTV. That possibility has since become a reality and there may be an opportunity within this special to feature a works of art created by fans in the wake of Dunn’s tragic passing this past June—especially after seeing so much creative love poured out for him in these two dickhouse.tvposts: In Memory of Ryan Dunn, Pt. 23 and In Memory of Ryan Dunn, Pt. 23.5.

Unfortunately, at the time these posts were put together, it was done in haste and all higgledy-piggledy. Therefore we are re-soliciting for these and any other works if you’d care for a chance to have them possibly appear in the tribute special. Anyone who wishes to do so must send a high resolution scan or photo of said art or tattoo, along with full name and contact info, directly to this email address: ryandunntribute@gmail.com

Bear in mind that for any artwork to be considered it must be an original work and not incorporate any third party copyright, e.g. photo collages. The deadline for all submissions is Tuesday, November 1, 2011, but obviously the earlier the better.



At least donate a dollar guys. It’s not a huge thing to ask for, is it? The guy’s a fucking great musician/producer.

theannonymouse asked, "How old are you and do you have any tattoos? :)"

22, and yes, i have ten tattoos. 

in memory of ryan dunn, pt. 23—the fans


For the past month we’ve been sharing the thoughts and memories of Ryan Dunn from those that have personally known and loved him throughout his life. Now it’s time to share some of the love shown by the fans whose lives were touched in some manner by the Random Hero.


A sincere thanks to everyone here in the haphazard community for contributing the various photos, drawings, artistic creations and indelible memorials. Sorry, not all the links were working properly, so don’t take it personally if yours isn’t shown here. Then again, I’m guessing once this goes up many more links will be soon to follow for a possible “round two” from the fans.



(Source: dickhouse.tv)

- Ryan Dunn to Knate Gwaltney on the trip to Europe during the filming of Jackass 3D
▀ (1) Anonymous asked, "what was your favorite memorie of ryan"

My personal favorite is this :) http://fuckyeahvivalabam.tumblr.com/post/7068665111

Anonymous asked, "was ryan happy"

According to his friends, very much so. :)

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Thank you, dear.